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The Toffee Factory and Elephant Rocks Cider Company

Elephant Rocks Cider

The Toffee Factory and Elephant Rocks Cider Company is located on the South Coast Hwy a couple of Kilometres past the William Bay turn off when travelling towards Walpole.

As the name implies, it produces toffee in a wide range of flavours. A few examples include Blueberry, Lemon Myrtle and Coffee. In addition to the toffee they also sell a wide range of other foods like Gourmet Olives, Sauces and Ice cream.

In fact, they claim to sell the biggest Ice cream cone in Denmark. This claim is probably true given that on the day we last visited I saw them trying to jam so much ice cream into the cones that on two out of three tries the cone collapsed under its own weight and they had to hand it over with a little cup on the side for the overflow.

Just recently, they have also started to produce Cider as well. They were offering four varieties when we were there. They were Apple, Pear, an Apple and Pear mix and an Apple and Ginger mix. Now, I’m not normally a fan of Cider but I have to say that the Apple Cider here isn’t bad at all.

I think that the reason for my liking their Apple cider is down to the fact that it has been made with a quite dry flavour that really allows the Apple to shine through as opposed to some other varieties I’ve tried that have been a lot sweeter. The Pear varieties didn’t impress me as much though as I thought the flavours were a bit to light and as such it didn’t really taste of much and was a bit bland.

Some of the Toffee

In any case, it’s well worth a look. One tip I will give you is that if you are going to try both the toffee and the cider, try the Cider first. If you have the toffee first the sugar will totally overwhelm the cider when you try it and you won’t get to appreciate the flavours completely.

Address: Lot 77, South Coast Highway, William Bay, Denmark, Western Australia 6333
Telephone: (08) 9840 9900 

Have you been to the Toffee Factory? Tell us what you think.

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Given the Horseradish beetroot relish and love it. Does anyone in Victoria sell your products? Where can I get some more?

Posted by Marie Davis on Wednesday, 31.07.13 @ 22:00pm

it was the best ever toffee

Posted by bumcrackface on Thursday, 30.10.14 @ 13:23pm

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